Due Diligence and Audits

Our Due Diligence and Audits service is designed to help our clients mitigate risk, keep pace with rapidly evolving best practice and ensure the fund is investor-ready. We will undertake a full review and assessment of your existing documentation and prepare two different types of reports.

We pride ourselves on our high standards and intimate knowledge of real risks and commercial realities, so our documentation audit of your existing agreements can help to enhance governance levels both at the fund board level and with the investment manager  During an audit we make suggestions for upgrades and identify where stumbling blocks could arise, but balance this against the commercial reality of what the counterparty or prime broker might ask for in return. We then add our findings to the control sheet to enable quick and straightforward comparisons across the different banks, where there are multi counterparties, giving you a single line of sight.

We can also conduct a documentation audit specifically for investor Due Diligence Questionnaire purposes, and complete the relevant sections of any DDQ outstanding, or use our own specially designed one so you have a full set of responses available should you be asked a question by your sponsors or investors

Both of our reviews go further than ensuring your legal health because we can then use them as a basis to educate and train your key people, including your Chief Operating Officer, Portfolio Manager, or Board members of the fund. Governance is a very significant regulatory concern so an audit can help to evidence good procedures and controls of legal risks at both the alternative investment fund and the alternative investment fund manager/investment manager level. Our clients always find this very useful as they have the opportunity to get complete clarity on the key legal risks and concepts which often allude people.