The negotiation of prime brokerage and other important trading and counterparty documentation can be tortuous for inhouse counsel, compliance,  business and operational people.  At Oesa we are only too aware of the difficulties our clients face and are here to assist them in getting vital documents signed quickly and cost effectively.

Here are some examples of what we specialise in: 

  • Prime Brokerage, Synthetic Prime Brokerage & FXPB
  • ISDA Master Agreements & the CSA or CSD
  • Master Confirmations, supplements and annexes, including ISDA templates
  • ETD Agreements and the corresponding Give Ups
  • Clearing Agreements and addendums plus CDEA and Compensation Agreements
  • GMRA & MRA
  • CDS Intermediation
  • Master Netting Agreements
  • Delegated Reporting Agreements
  • Electronic Access Agreements
  • Compliance Terms of Business
  • Brokerage Terms and Agreements
  • Execution and outsourced Trading Agreements
    Custody Agreement/ Depositary Agreements/Administration Agreements

We can also undertake a full review and assessment of your existing documentation and provide recommendations for updates and changes. We pride ourselves on our intimate knowledge of real risks and commercial realities, so the review can help to enhance governance and the understanding of legal operational and commercial risks.