Kate Wormald

Owner & Founder

Kate has advised and represented a large cross section of the hedge fund community and alternative asset managers over the past 20 years, since founding Oesa in 2002. She has also been engaged by Ernst and Young, large pension funds, a well-known charitable trust, industrial corporates and proprietary trading houses, all of whom required specialist legal advice in relation to their trading and derivative documentation.

Kate qualified as a barrister but decided to pursue a career in the City in house, as a sales and trading legal adviser. Specialising in derivatives and complex structured products, she gained invaluable experience in-house at several large financial institutions including Daiwa Securities, Salomon Brothers (now Citi) and Goldman Sachs, where she was the head of the European capital markets legal team that encompassed not only all the derivative trading activity for EMEA but also its prime brokerage business.

Kate’s advice at all of these institutions was integral to the development of a vast array of new innovative financial products.  In addition, she contributed to the many industry initiatives to standardise documentation, including the ISDA Master Agreement and CSA, FOA ETD agreements, and the GMRA.

Prior to setting up Oesa, Kate was a consultant to the then FSA and was one of the original authors of the Market Abuse Code and the Wholesale Money Markets Code of Conduct.  

Kate’s wealth of experience is unmatched today in the alternative asset manager space and she has used this to run Oesa successfully as a bespoke consultancy focused on delivering timely solutions to clients.

Ian Harrison

Ian is a professional documentation specialist with 30 years of experience. He has worked in the documentation areas of Merrill Lynch, Bank of America and Goldman Sachs, where he negotiated various agreements across a range of financial products, including bank loans and underwriting facilities, MTN and EMTN facilities, foreign exchange, commodities and swaps transactions including ISDAs, amongst others.

Ian has a wealth of experience in both ISDA and bespoke product documentation and has assisted on several drafting projects undertaken by ISDA to produce industry standard documents. He has been associated with Oesa since 2007.