Oesa offers insightful commercial advice on regulatory and legal matters affecting the alternative asset management business. Through popular request we now offer these services to the sell side, and in particular to private banks, smaller specialist investment banks, outsourced trading providers and clearing banks.

We are able to cut through all the legal and regulatory jargon and provide solutions to the front, middle and back offices alike.

Our specialist trading advice applies across all markets and products, and includes amongst other things, the prime broker’s use of the fund’s assets, synthetic prime brokerage versus standard services, OTC cleared and bilateral derivatives, ETD, margin requirements and UK SFTR and other risk factors, collateral management and third party collateral holders, custody arrangements, charges and security taken over a client’s assets and administration services.

We advise our clients on structuring individual transactions, including key terms to protect against lifecycle events, potential disruption events and potential defaults, as well as any and all trade disputes that may arise.