Fund Platforms

Managed Account and Umbrella Fund Platforms can be a cost-effective way to launch new Funds. But they still need to be backed by a comprehensive and legally sound document review. Some platforms provide standard templates with their service providers but as these agreements contain legal risks to a fund it is advisable that a full review occurs so these are properly understood and therefore can be managed by the AIFM or investment manager. We can assist with an audit and review of all of the necessary documentation and provide necessary legal or regulatory advice where needed. Other platforms require the funds to undertake their own legal negotiations and again we can assist with these negotiations on your behalf in the same manner as is detailed in the Documentation and Negotiation and Review section.

Hosted Regulatory Platforms there is a also a growing demand for hosted regulatory platforms as a cost effective way for an Investment manager/AIFM to get started whilst the management team focuses on growing AUM or as an interim solution whilst it seeks its own regulatory authorisation. An IM or AFIM needs to be mindful of potential clauses that could hinder their exit at a future date so flexibility needs to be built in to these documents to permit an orderly exit when desired.

Oesa Partners can assist with the onboarding process by reviewing the necessary agreements with the host such as the Sub-Investment Management Agreement and Delegation/Secondee Agreements. We also ensure that if the Fund is using a Fund platform or establishing its own fund that these documents work with the service provider and trading agreements needed. So we knot everything together seamlessly.