The negotiation of Prime Brokerage and other important trading documentation, whether for a start up or for continuing trading relationships, can be tortuous for business people. At Oesa Partners we are only too aware of the difficulties you face and are here to assist you in getting vital documents signed quickly and cost effectively.

In our experience the negotiation of any documentation can be unnecessarily prolonged, which can be very frustrating and can affect when trading commences. As part of our Documentation Management Services we will review, draft and negotiate the documentation for you, advising on the progress every step of the way but preserving your counterparty relationships while doing so.

We do not just plod away needlessly chasing a counterparty week after week. We take a proactive approach and drive the negotiations to an efficient conclusion.

Although we will handle the negotiations on your behalf, any significant amendments will always be made with your express agreement. We will advise you of any legal risks that any clause poses and will explain the practical implications of these legal or operational risks for your business. Our experience of working with traders and fund managers means we speak your language and translate the legal jargon into practical solutions with no nonsense advice.

We specialise in Prime Brokerage and trading documentation the list below is just a taster of what we cover Prime brokerage and Synthetic Prime Brokerage, ISDA Master agreements with the CSA or CSD, Master Confirmations, supplements and annexes, OTC and ETD Clearing Addendums, GMRA and GMSLA agreements including Tri-Party arrangements, ETD and OTC Give up agreements, CDS Intermediation, Master netting agreements, & Electronic access agreements.

We also negotiate the operational and service providers agreements needed by our clients such as the Custody and Administration, Depositary, Depo-Lite, Transaction reporting agreements, Investment management agreements and the like.