Our Expertise

Underlying the services at Oesa are several very knowledgeable lawyers and negotiators with substantial industry experience across a wide range of financial products.

Oesa is an active participant in the hedge fund industry and is closely involved with key industry initiatives and developments. Kate Wormald is a regular speaker at industry seminars and conferences and is highly regarded by her peers. As a result, Oesa is able to provide clients with up to date information and advice on developments affecting their businesses and assist them with any adjustments needed to meet the demanding legal and regulatory environment in which they operate.

Through our work we constantly strive to achieve the best results for our clients in a timely manner, with our expertise allowing for efficiencies in time and costs whilst at all times preserving their relationships with their counterparts.

Our Awards

Since our inception in 2002, we’ve gained a reputation for innovation and excellence in the alternative asset management and hedge fund sector.

We are committed to delivering an excellent service which is relevant to the business needs of our clients. Not only is this reflected in the feedback we receive but it has also been recognised in a range of prestigious accolades.